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this is strictly a lab partnership

WINNER PIMP POST; click the gif to enter the post!

Tags: # pimp post
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ah so glad that i found winner lj com!!! the first one popped on google is the winner fic lj com but then i scrolled down and found this! good job on the winner pimp post! jinwoo's 'geography' talent crack me up so much!
HI hi, I'm really really new to the Inner Circle. I loved their debut album (there is not one song that I wouldn't have on repeat there, which is a new thing for me!!) but I didn't know any of their personalities.

I recently started watching MIX & MATCH and got absolutely blown away by the amount of work those boys put it which I just realized that I have never seen SM artists show? since they don't have a lot of creative freedom. (I AM very SM- biased still though)

But anyway I wanted to thank the mods for putting up the post - this is going to be a great helping in getting to know the boys better!

Thank you! sugohaessoyo! <3
Hi!!! Welcome to IC it's really cool to see new fans!

I guess it's sort of YG's marketing strategy, since he debuts all his new groups through a similar way. SM is more of a teaser based marketing I guess? I would die for predebut exo tbh.

You're welcome and have fun being here~
this is just too much and look at that perfection. i need a breather for this. all those little details.
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