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Kang Seung Yoon Updates (EXIT:E Edition)

Favorite Winner performances from this era (Seungyoon biased)

(Skip to 1:12 for Baby Baby.)

Feel free to check out the sentimental performances on Winner's YT channel too. I excluded those because they're going into Taehyun's update post

YHY talked about it on Sketchbook, and someone made this. It's the best thing!

Fighting the wind with a teddy bear.

How did he even get the nickname 'dumpling leader'?

Thank you, W Korea.

Instagram Selfies

You won't find most of these photos on his IG anymore. He reset in for aesthetic purposes a couple of weeks ago.

He is Everyone's Hype-man (Even Zico gets Yoon-style positive Affirmation)

He likes pretty much every photo anyone in Winner posts, and leaves all kinds of nice comments for them. He is also the only Winner member that follows SeungHoon's dog's instagram account (even Hoon doesn't follow it). It's v. cute (or he could just be monitoring them to make sure they don't post anything inappropriate, idk)

Favorite EXIT:E MinYoon Moments!

Who would have known that the serious Leader line from WIN would turn into Winner's most ridiculous friendship?

Trans: How to train your Kang SeungYoon. After Mino posted this video, fangirls wouldn't stop bringing yoghurt to the fansigns. I'm still convinced that Mino planned this after he saw what happened with the Secret Juju cake.

Part 2 of MinTrollYoon (arranged and composed by Secretly evil hyung, Jinwoo)
Winner got Seungyoon a Secret Joujou cake for his birthday (Jinwoo's idea). Mino filmed Seungyoon pretending to love it, and now fans won't stop giving Yoon princess themed gifts (and Mino enjoys every moment of it. There are a couple of videos of him laughing at Yoon at the fansigns, but I can't find them right now).

It's even on his concert wreaths.

They're each other's fashion hype-men (because, honestly, who else would do it?), and they're constantly showing off their outfits together or taking photos of one another for ig.

They're literally always together these days; I predict a MinYoon subunit for X (and a Mino solo). I was right about the track choices for E, so I may be right again this time.

He's also super-diplomatic, does damage control whenever another member is too blunt/honest in public, spins his answers to make fans less salty about YG's fuckery and puts the group first. I don't have the energy to go find all the interviews/ radio show transcripts that prove this point, so you're gonna have to take my word for it on this one, Omona.

Sorry about the lame title. I couldn't come up with a witty title, and it was either this or ">1000 days since KSY's solo debut; YG, where is the album?"

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Photos/gifs: Rain Forest, heart_storming, Astronomers, CODE6, LITTLE BY LITTLE,
twitter- chrissy96_, Old IG Photos, KSY's IG, Mino's IG, twitter- auxxiie8, twitter the_oneshots

I submitted this on omona, but the mods still haven't accepted it. I figured I should just post it here first.
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