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23 Reasons Why Taehyun is Drugs (EXIT:E Updates pt.2)

Baby Baby.

This song is a masterpiece, and I was genuinely surprised when I found out he composed it alone (Uk Jin Kang only helped with the final arrangement.

I Really Enjoy His Other Compositions Too.




(The fuckboy lyrics in these two songs tho)

I'm Young


Contrary to Shady Statements Made by i-netz 👀 , He Constantly Served Looks During His Blond Era.

We/he went through some rough patches with the blond hair, so the black hair was a very welcome change.

His vocal control and range improved so much during the hiatus; I still get surprised every time he starts singing.

They're often pretty, but they can get pretty weird too.

Polly and Barley are the cutest!

He's been the target of hateful comments since before he debuted, and we got some insight into how he deals with the hate during E promotions.

Discussing the hate he got for his acting last year

This made it pretty clear that he reads all the shitty things people write about him.

Talking about using those comments to improve himself.

How did you spend the last year?
During the long hiatus, I studied to improve parts from when we were active that I had regrets over. I invested a lot of time learning guitar, exercised hard. I contemplated a lot and found a lot of music to listen to; it was a training time to try to better myself.
WKorea Feb 2016 issue. Translated by YGUnited.

He talked about it with Yoo Byung Jae in this clip

Trans: As usual, the aspiring actor readied to make his speech, and it was during this preparation that fellow 'Actor School' mate Yoo Byung Jae cautiously asked Nam Tae Hyun about WINNER's new songs failing to top the charts.

With a frown on his face, Nam Tae Hyun responded, "I was worried about many things. I wrote the title [song] myself and released new music after a long time but they didn't do all too well...truthfully, I can't concentrate even now. I want to go back to the recording studio."

The idol explained further in his interview with the production crew, "I had a lot of thoughts regarding the area of music. When I was coming to 'Actor School,' I should halt those thoughts and immerse myself [in the show] completely, but I really had to drag myself here. Only my body is here. My mind is still there [at the studio]."

I like how he's constantly pushing himself to be better, but I really don't think he should be reading these comments.

So Many Tattoos.

And this happened today. 😒

He gave us so many memes during this era. Blessed.

Never forget this classic reaction gif

Taehyun + Hayul = ❤️💖

Taehyun changing baby Hayul's diaper! Aren't they adorable? #TaeYul 🌙💖

— ✨ maría josé ✨ (@intermisssion) May 10, 2016

UNIVERSALERPE: #intl taehyun and hayul♡

— rapdit (@pcydit) May 1, 2016

Nam Taehyun- singer, songwriter, creator, furniture mover, carpenter, designer etc

I like how willing he is to learn/try new things. He also learned to play the guitar at a semi-proficient level during the hiatus.

Nam Tae Shade.

Moment of silence for the time Taehyun managed to start 'YGFAMwar3000' with one simple clapback on sugarman.

Living up to the NamDiva Nickname.

Taehyun is dope

This was supposed to be posted on his birthday, but it wasn't finished then. I'm also too lazy to finish the list of 23 things that h0ly_ravioli helped me come up with. Things that got cut- All his hyungs love him- both at actor school and in Winner-, He's showed off how smooth he is with the girls (so much better than he used to be *insert gif of Joy curving him at Gayo Daejun here*), Great dancer, great legs, other hipster things.
Feel free to contribute whatever you have for these in the comment section.

Despite the ridiculous amount of procrastination I did, it seems that I'll be done with the EXIT:E updates before we get a date for X. Mino's final update will be up in a few weeks.

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