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Winner Season
Guess who's back?
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Born Hater w/ Seungyoon/Mino/Seunghoon

Different!Collapse )

via JHY0620 JHY0620 on Youtube

For all those who wanted Seunghoon on Born Hater and wanted a live performance of Different (again).
Sehun - Prince
Go Up and Smile Again

Just Another Boy (feat. Team B + Climax)

source: 04everbb 1 2

i'm still trying to find the rest of the concert but for now, enjoy!!!
[TRANS] @PDjay: 2014 SBS Gayo Daejeon Super5! Who's the third member of the "Lucky Boys"? #WINNER #SongMinho


More InfoCollapse )

via YG WINNER on Twitter for translations // PDjay on Twitter // 모야리숑 on youtube // Nyonyapanda on facebook

Mino is on a roll!
Here's Mino's cut from Masta Wu's Inkigayo stage for "Come Here" (also with Bobby). Mino is filling in for Dok2 today.


[Translated lyrics!]Translation of his lyrics:

MP3 file of Mino's cut: here!

The whole performance is here.
Sehun - Prince

source: withwinner

and yg wonders why k-incles are pissed. it seems winner is also going to be doing the korea-japan-china attack... though thankfully it wasn't all three simultaneously like ikon. we though korea+japan was bad...
Sehun - Prince

source: withwinner

daaaaang, yg is trying to capitalize on that ¥ - from both currencies. winner are gunning for exo's hat i see. hopefully their mandarin is good.
Sehun - Prince

source: ygent-official

ooo schedule in january! so is this going to be concerts, then? olympic gymnastic stadium is huge (~14000), super excessive for a fanmeet. yay k-incles, have fun at this upgraded tour, since winner chose japan for their first tour lol
Sehun - Prince
1. Mino's performing with Bobby and Masta Wu on Inkigayo this week! It seems Dok2 has another schedule or something. - source


other pictures and dvd contentsCollapse )

3. WINNER Hidden Story Cut from MAMA Awards [SUBBED]

source: withwinner, namibrows

lol the hoohah over the bts videos. we're finally getting them... and so much more. apparently the DVD is already sold out in pre-order so good luck if you want to get it! tudou awards will get its own post (spoiler: they won!)
Sehun - Prince

source: winner, ygent-official

world tour!!! or fanmeet? i don't even know. what kind of non-informative teasers... i'll update when new info comes out.

have fun incles, i'll just sit here in forgotten canada.

Sehun - Prince
Teaser #2 for WWIC!

2 subbed nico nico videos and a mystery picture???Collapse )

source: ygent-official, princessrei 1 and princessrei 2, amainoacid

guesses, ws? i'm thinking world tour... because i hope yg's not spending money on teasers for a fanclub when he could otherwise invest that money into haircare for gdyb. i have no idea about that second picture though. has the nico nico video (not the premium one) already been posted? i was told no but i swear i've seen it here. oh well. enjoy~
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