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and welcome to the inner circle

Hello and welcome to WINNER SEASON, LJ's first discussion and news based community dedicated to YG's new boy group, WINNER. If you are unfamiliar with the group, or would like a refresher, beneath are all the basics that you will need to fall in love with them as we have (or, at the very least, be able to tell them apart). This information will be periodically updated to accommodate WINNER's new releases and events.

Guess who's back? We are WINNER!
On June 10, 2014, Winner kicked off the start of their much awaited debut by releasing a teaser called 'The Visitor'. This was followed by a launching campaign plan officially released by YG on June 12 which spanned 3 weeks from June 16 to July 6 with the first two weeks, titled 'Test Week' and 'New York Week' respectively, featured the release of individual and group teaser images day after day. The final week of the campaign titled 'Winner Week' released the individual members and group teaser videos, with the end of the group teaser releasing yet another date for the "WINNER Debut Album 2014 S/S" grand launch teaser on August 1.

After two months of promotional stints, the said teaser finally confirmed the group's debut date in Korea with a launching showcase scheduled for August 6 and a debut album set to hit stores on August 12 digitally and in physical stores on August 14. As promised, the group will also debut in Japan simultaneously, with their Japanese album scheduled to be released on September 10, a day before the group's first Japanese solo concert.

On August 6th, WINNER held their launching showcase, showing off the three versions of their debut album (Limited Edition Black and White, as well as a regular Launching Edition) as well as opening pre-orders for the album. They also revealed the 10 song tracklist for their debut album and announced the name of the official WINNER fanclub: Inner Circle.
WIN: Who Is Next
WIN: Who Is Next was a survival reality program geared to determine the next male group to debut under YG Entertainment, 8 years after their last male group BIGBANG. Two teams (Team A and Team B) competed against each other during the program; both teams were made up of YG trainees. The winner was determined through public votes during the last three episodes, and it was announced that the winner of the program would debut under the name WINNER and would release their album immediately.

Throughout the first few episodes, the two teams competed against one another during their monthly evaluations. Team A (now WINNER) seemed to be the underdog of the competition, continuously losing to the opposing team. Both teams worked together in Episode 4 to compete against the trainees at JYP Entertainment (some of whom have gone on to debut as part of GOT7), though unfortunately Jinwoo forgot his lines during the song.

However, as the program progressed and the competition came to a head with the final three episodes (which would definitively determine the team that would go on to debut), Team A's success took a turn for the better. After winning the first two rounds, the Final Battle took place in front of a live audience, various label mates, and YG himself. Team A won once again and were officially announced as WINNER, set to debut as soon as possible.

You can watch the episodes subbed on MNET here or fansubbed here (password is jeni).
WIN: Who Is Next

the program is announced.
Seungyoon Debuts

it rains, wild&young, stealer.
Team A teaser

first team a teaser is revealed.
WIN High touch

team a and b hold their first fanmeeting.
Team A Wins

team a wins WIN: who is next.
win: final battle

win: final battle is released.
Dome Tour

winner opens for bigbang's dome tour in japan.

first episode of winnertv airs.

final episode of winnertv airs.
wild boy release

seungyoon and mino release "wild boy" for music project.
hello winner fanmeet

winner's first fanmeet in japan.
hello winner fanmeet

winner's second fanmeet in japan.
the visitor

first teaser for winner's debut released.
test week

first week of visual teasers.
16.6.2014 - 20.6.2014.
new york week

second week of visual teasers.
24.6.2014 - 28.6.2014
winner week

video teasers are released.
1.7.2014 - 6.7.2014
debut album teaser

dates are released regarding winner's debut album.
launching showcase

"pre-listening event", tracklist is released.
online release

winner's debut album is released online.
offline release

winner's debut album is released offline.
japan release

winner debuts their first japanese album.
japan tour

winner's first japanese tour begins.
WINNER TV is a reality program aired on the TV cable channel, MNET which showcase the lives of WINNER, a group borne from the survival program, “WIN: Who is Next” of YG Entertainment. The show features WINNER’s road to stardom.

You can watch the episodes subbed on MNET here or fansubbed here (password is jeni).
WINNER (Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Kim Jin Woo, Song Min Ho, and Nam Tae Hyun) is YG’s new boy band formed eight years after BIGBANG’s debut. They entered the entertainment world as Team A of “WIN : Who Is Next?” show and became the winner after a close match with the other team. Now, they are expecting an official debut as boy group, turning from YG trainees into official artists.
Go Up
Just Another Boy
Officially Missing You
Smile Again
A Flying Butterfly
Missing You
Only Look At Me
Wild Boy
Seungyoon and Mino
It Rains
Kang Seungyoon
Wild and Young
Kang Seungyoon
Kang Seungyoon
Kang Seungyoon
Final Dance Battle


Member Profile
Kim Jinwoo (김진우)
Position Vocalist
Birth Date September 26, 1991
Height 174cm
Weight 58kg
Star Sign Libra
Blood Type A
Hobbies Swimming
Talents Acting, Geography, Traveling
Jinwoo is new to Seoul; he comes from the island Imjado. He trained for a period of time at Joy Dance Plug-in Music Academy (affiliated with BIGBANG's Seungri) before becoming a trainee under YG. He is YG's oldest trainee, and has trained for the longest out of all the members of WINNER. Poor guy suffers from mild stage fright/anxiety after forgetting the lyrics to a JYP song (in front of JYP himself, no less), but has made leaps and bounds in improvement. He's shown to have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to geography, and is able to navigate new cities and environments with ease! Let's cheer for WINNER's resident visual/actor-dol!

Hip hop baby lion
Member Profile
Lee Seunghoon (이승훈)
Position Rapper, Dancer
Birth Date January 11, 1992
Height 182cm
Weight 60kg
Star Sign Capricorn
Blood Type A
Hobbies Lyricist
Talents Dancing, Acting
In 2011, Seunghoon successfully auditioned for SBS K-pop Star, an entertainment industry audition program. He successfully made it through to the top 10 before being eliminated in the "7th Live Round" on April 15, 2012, placing fourth overall. On May 16 it was announced that Seunghoon had signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and would shortly thereafter became a trainee. He is very close to 2NE1's Bom, as well as with his other members (he bought them matching clothes to show off their teamwork! ... he knows them so well). He is very passionate when acting, and rivals fellow teammate Mino in bravery!

Member Profile
Song Minho (송민호)
Position Rapper
Birth Date March 30, 1993
Height 180cm
Weight 67kg
Star Sign Aries
Blood Type A
Hobbies Composing, Lyricist, Drawing, Basketball
Talents Beatboxing, Caricatures, Bad Aegyo
Mino was a former trainee under Brand New Stardom and was part of the final lineup for Block B, but left for reasons undisclosed. He then debuted in 2011 as a rapper in balled group BoM, under Y2Y Contents Company, which later disbanded in 2013. He has acted in the drama "K-POP Extreme Survival". He is also part of underground hip hop group "Royal Class". He was chosen as leader for Team A while participating in WIN: Who Is Next, but the position has since been transferred to teammate Seungyoon. While his talent in rapping and lyricism is evident, one of his most overlooked qualities is him actually being a huge baby. Examples of such behavior are his rap complaining about ants in his dorm, his affinity for ducks, and his unfaltering courage in the face of ghosts.

Member Profile
Kang Seungyoon (강승윤)
Position Leader, Vocalist
Birth Date January 21, 1994
Height 178cm
Weight 59kg
Star Sign Aquarius
Blood Type B
Hobbies Composing, Lyricist, Drawing
Talents Billiards, Guitar, Personal Hygiene
Seungyoon was a Superstar K2 contestant, finishing in fourth place. During his time on the show, he released two singles, "I'll Write You a Letter" and "Instinctively". "Instinctively" become a top-selling single in Korea, peaking at number one on the Gaon Chart. Seungyoon also partook in MBC's hit series "High Kick". After initial success with Superstar K2, CEO Yang Hyun Suk signed Seungyoon to YG Entertainment and debuted with 3 singles; "It Rains", "Wild and Young", and "Stealer". Seungyoon participated in WIN: Who Is Next while promoting as a solo artist, assured that if his team were to lose he would still promote as a soloist. He assumed the leader position from Mino partway through the reality show. Seungyoon has shown great interest in personal hygiene - to the surprise of his fellow members! In private, he is known to be rather quiet and calm.

Member Profile
Nam Taehyun (남태현)
Position Vocalist, Maknae
Birth Date May 10, 1994
Height 178cm
Weight 63kg
Star Sign Taurus
Blood Type A
Hobbies Composing, Lyricist
Talents Boxing, Being Better Than You
Not much is known about Taehyun's pre-YG activities. He has experience with kick boxing. He also is interested in producing/composing music, with examples found at his Soundcloud. He has a tattoo on his left arm that says, “Jean Michel Basquiat” and left wrist that says “Stay Gold”. His song "Tonight", which he wrote for WINNER's debut album, was received favorably by YG. He is really outgoing and loves busking, and has a keen interest in acting!

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